The Torah and the Writings of our Sages are full of extraordinary and fascinating stories.

In addition to the story of our Patriarchs, the Exodus from Egypt, or King David, there is still a vast panel of events and thrilling anecdotes full of profound teachings.

My wife and I did teshuva. We will teach no one that teshuva is the process of repentance in Judaism, both in the Torah and in rabbinic literature.

Our life, already inspired by many stories, by desires to transmit through books, cartoons, or even video games has been sublimated by our teshuva. Our journey then made us realize that we needed to refocus our knowledge and skills on the world of Torah, to learn and also offer at the same time.

It is therefore to respond to the imperious call of my heart as an artist and as a Jew that I am now concentrating on the transmission of our Jewish History, so unique.

We want to perpetuate beautiful values for our children and for future generations, respectful of our traditions, worthy, eminently sacred, fascinating.